Probably the best choice to flee Shanghai and breathe some fresher air in a wicked place. Hotel is clean and really nice location, food is awesome (ask for at least 5 extra plates of their fired potatoes, or steal the recipe if you can get the cook to share it) and the view is great, considering it’s not far from Shanghai and already brings you some relieving silence and peace which we all need when 24/7 in this city. The folks working over there are professional and but human-oriented, which, for me, is one important element when i plan leisure trip. They know you come to chill so they won’t put any pressure on you when it comes to activities or timing, or even the money as it’s a REAL all-included package, which mean they never came to ask us to pay to use or eat anything. That’s nice to know you pay once and for all. Thus, nice people, nice location, nice deal, nice plan for the week end. Keep up with the good work !

Bless !

_______  Charles Perez

I have participated in two Xcape trips. Both of them have been a great way to spend a
weekend out of the city. I have met entirely different and interesting people each time. There are regular trips to Anji, a relatively quiet spot with treks through bamboo forests, and small villages. The local food is fresh and very delicious (well worth the trip alone).
The trekking was a good workout and abundant opportunities for photos. They do an excellent job catering to all your needs: transportation, lodging, food, booze, activities, enough toilet paper, and bananas for roasting. All you have to do is arrive at the point of departure and be ready to have a good time. Im already marking the next date in my calendar for another memorable weekend.
I recommend that you do the same.

_______  Sandy OReilly

I had a wonderful time when. Can’t wait for the next trip. I like fresh air, good company, mountain walking and hanging out with fun positive people. Xcape was well organised and everyone was very friendly. Will do it again.

_______  Lucinda Holmes

I have to say that Xcape have got the art of the mountain party down to a tee! Check out my photos of the two trips to see just how much fun can be had with a great bunch of people.

_______  Steve Hinchliffe

I think the whole of my group that visited Anji would agree that Xcape have perfected the art of what a weekend getaway should be.. stunning scenery, great treks, amazing food and rounded off with BBQ and drinks in the evening . Great value and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a few days away from Shanghai .. I will definately be back !!

_______  Marius Ionita

That was a fabulously organized trip . From the pickup, to the trecking downright to the cold beer & BBQ. I can highly recommend that trip…and yep..see you on one of the next x-cape busses.

_______  Alexandre Gruss

It was such a great trip!!!! Made me realize how nice it is to get away from Shanghai – even if it is just for a few days. Definitely keep me in the loop about the next trip ya?


_______  Jileen Loo

Xcape, thank you for an amazing weekend! I will highly recommend this to anyone of any age, as the 4 year old girl on the mountail trek could confirm. Great food, great company and an amazing place!
Love your work, will be back!

_______  Samantha Nassar

Hey, thanks for organising a great weekend away in Anji! Accommodation was great and well organised, I’d definietly do it again! I’m definietly disliking the dirty air back here in Shanghai!

_______  Richard Bostock

Hi Amjad!! Just want to thank you and Jackie for a fantastic long weekend up in the mountains of Anji. Anna and I had an awesome time, thanks to the great organisation, surroundings and of course the people that were on the trip. Will definitely be in touch to organise a future get-away from the metropolis that is Shan…ghai. What are the chances of transporting some of that clean, fresh air from Anji to Shanghai??? Just a thought, LOL. Thanks again.

Forgot to mention, loved the hiking, loved the flexible and well planned itnerary and the food on offer was fantastic. Couldn’t have organised it any better.

_______  Ivo Kavelj

Hey Amjad, cheers for sending the pics thru of our weekend away with you guys – had an absolutely brilliant time, in spite of the rain, which actually made for some pretty smart, haunting photos! And anyway we got some gorgeous sun on the second day didn’t we? Even banqueting outside with ‘small black’ for company :). …Like Chris and Laura I hope to come back to Shanghai and would defo be up for another trip to the mountains.

_______  Hayley Fieldmouse

Totally agree with Chris – fantastic weekend and recommend it to anyone, whatever the weather! Hopefully see you both again when I come back out in the summer.

_______  Laura Hudson

Anyone with with a spare weekend in Shanghai should look these guys up for a totally different and refreshing experience in Anji! Couldn’t have hoped to meet more friendly, patient or knowledgable guys than Amjad and Jackie. They looked after us so well, the itinery was so flexible we could do whatever we wanted and once you’re on the bus you don’t have to spend a further Yuan. Every meal is a banquet, cooked with all local produce in the pristine mountains, Trekking’s great, but we could have done with better weather, but it was worth the rain to get up to the mountain top temple. Can’t wait to get back out there, see you in June fellas!

_______  Chris Young

Hi everybody, finally I found the XCAPE from the city I was looking for and long waited for. I love mountains and hiking, getting a bit lost sometime in the green sceneries and remember that, at the end, we are part of nature. Hide to Zhejiang to find this feeling. Great job guys, let me know where are the next adventures.

_______  Silvio Pezzotti

My English is not very good. Je suis content d’avoir passé ce weekend avec Amjad et Jackie. Ils m’ont mis tout de suite à l’aise, déjà dans le van je n’ai manqué de rien et surtout pas de boisson! Dépaysement garanti sur tous les plans. Comme Isabelle, j’attends la prochaine destination. Very cool weekend.

_______  Baptiste Voisin

You get a lot of good things: some adventure, great scenery, some peace and quiet…
What Baptiste and I really liked was to be able to discover places with no tourists around. And also hiking somewhere and discover a temple in the middle of the forest. It’s so different from Shanghai but close enough to get away for the weekend. Foodwise, we loved everything, especially the breakfast and the barbecue at night!

_______  Isabelle Gandy